Pediatric Dentistry Case Studies

These are a few of the case studies we have done on pediatric dental care at Carson & Carson, DDS.

Case Study 2

Dental Caries from milk consumption

This child was suffering from bottle caries that had completely decayed her front teeth.

Case Study 3

Pediatric dental crowns

This is a child who had her bottle decay treated with tooth colored metal based jackets. She was amnesically sedated and never remembered the appointment.

Case Study 4

Extraction of malpositioned teeth in pediatric case

These pictures are of children with over retained deciduous teeth, which require immediate extraction. Failure to do so can cause ectopic eruption of the permanent teeth which could result in your child having a malformed or goofy facial appearance.

Case Study 5

Pediatric Cosmetic Dentistry

These cases of bottle caries or milk decay received tooth colored stainless steel crowns veneered with composite resin.

Case Study 6

Plastic Filling and three crowns in Pediatric dentistry

This child received tooth colored composite resin stainless steel crowns. She was amnesically sedated for her appointment.

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