Flossing is Essential To Oral Health

Flossing is essential for the oral health of individuals of all ages.

A daily flossing routine offers a unique opportunity to help prevent future cavities and tooth decay by cleaning plaque from areas where the tooth brush cannot reach. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), using floss as an interdental cleaner goes a long way in preventing the future development of tooth decay and cavities. There are studies that would suggest when flossing is done properly, it can help to reduce the chance of tooth decay by up to 40%. The key to flossing is that it must be done gently, as to avoid damaging the gums when cleaning your teeth of plaque and debris.

At Carson & Carson, DDS, we recommend trying to gently floss at least once per day. When done too hard or with dirty floss, flossing can harm gums or spread bacteria. Give us a call to find out more information about flossing or other preventative dental care services available at Carson & Carson, DDS today (805) 983-0717.

Benefits of Flossing

Tooth cleaning itself with dental floss. Carson & Carson, DDS in Oxnard, California.Flossing can offer great potential benefits when it is done properly to clean in between teeth and even slightly into the gums. Similarly to brushing, the main benefit of flossing is removing plaque and food debris that get stuck in your mouth. Combined with a daily routine of brushing, flossing: is a great addition to your daily routine of oral hygiene, can be done in just 1-2 minutes, and can potentially reduce the chances of tooth decay and cavities by up to 40%.

Flossing can directly help prevent:

  • Periodontal (Gum) Disease
  • Gingivitis: Early stage of gum disease.
  • Cavities
  • Tooth Decay

The proper use of floss can help you maintain clean oral hygiene and fresh smelling breath. Dentists don’t just hand it out as parting gifts; we truly believe that it offers clear benefits in fighting tooth decay when it is used properly. Call Oxnard dentist Carson & Carson, DDS today for advice on preventative dental care or to schedule an appointment for cleaning (805) 983-0717.

How to Floss Properly

The effectiveness of using dental floss is based on how well you utilize it as a cleaning tool. A recent study showed that professional, daily cleaning with floss reduced the chances of cavities forming by up to 40%. Opposed to this, many studies where participants floss for themselves show a far smaller impact from the benefits of flossing. This would imply that flossing is all about the technique used, and it can be an extremely effective form of prevention when it is done at a professional level, similar to how a dentist would do it. The proper technique to get that professional level of cleaning is as follows:

  1. Proper flossing techniques can reduce your chance of getting a cavity by up to 40%. Learn more at CarsonDDS.comBefore you start, the first thing you should know is that you should only use dental floss, water picks, or tiny brushes to clean in between your teeth; substitute materials such as cutlery, paper cards, or fingernails can actually do harm to your teeth.
  2. Start by breaking off about 1.5-2 feet (18-24 inches) of dental floss.
  3. To easily maneuver the floss, hold it with both hands. Grip the floss tightly between thumb and forefinger of both hands creating a firm level of control over the floss while keeping it tightly strung.
  4. Gently move the floss between teeth and move it across the inner surface of both sides of each tooth. Adjust the floss as needed to ensure that you are only using a clean section of the floss when cleaning your teeth.
  5. To get a deep clean for each tooth, clean slightly blow the gum line as well. When the floss reaches the point of the gum line, bend it into a “C” shape across one side of a tooth. Then, gently rub the dental floss against the tooth just below the level where the gums meet the tooth.

Throughout the entire flossing, hold the floss tightly against the tooth, but move it gently to avoid hurting the gums. This process of flossing daily can be painful the first few times it is done, and may even result in bleeding. In just 1-2 weeks of flossing, your gums should not be sensitive or in pain from proper flossing anymore. If you are still having any issues with sensitivity or bleeding from your gums after 1-2 weeks of flossing, then you should contact your dentist.

Affordable Care from Experienced Oxnard Dentists – Carson & Carson, DDS

We offer a variety of affordable preventative care services to keep your teeth healthy including: dental cleanings, CT Scans, and Fluoride treatments. Schedule an appointment today with the Oxnard dentist with over 45 years of experience – Carson & Carson, DDS (805) 983-0717. Our Oxnard office is available 24 hours a day for emergency dental treatment.


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Several years ago, I moved to Oxnard and needed some dental work done. In the past, I have always chosen a dentist who offers Sleep Sedation (IV) which puts one into a state of fantasyland, and which I really like when having serious dental work.Upon looking online, I was pleased to find Carson & Carson and was initially treated by the father, LeRoy. On a subsequent visit where I desired the IV, I did not have the requisite ride home and son Dr. Derek graciously dropped me off at the house. To this day, I am grateful for his kind gesture.A little over a year ago, I broke a tooth and met Dr. Mike Acasio for the first time. He really made me feel comfortable with his incredibly positive and caring bedside manner. I then learned he was becoming a partner in the practice and began a discussion about how I could help them rebrand their practice with a new name and look.They hired me to be their marketing services manager and, among other things, to create a new website which is soon to be launched.During the last few months, I have gotten to see and experience first-hand their practice from top to bottom. The doctors are phenomenally talented and dedicated to care for their patients and provide the best experience one can have (most people, like me, would rather walk on hot coals rather than going to a dentist).The Carson-Acasio staff have a great bond and they are committed to their patients with the best care, and support each other through the process.Then just recently, I needed two teeth removed. Dr. Mike convinced me that he could do the work without sleep sedation. He removed the teeth, which then included a third which was badly infected and joined to the bone , and even had to crack the bone … all without me suffering or panicking.I’ve been going to dentists for a lifetime, and Dr. Mike is the best practitioner I have ever encountered.Over the past year and a half, I’ve learned a lot about dentistry and specifically about the Carson & Acasio practice. I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to be part of their organization and see, for myself, what they do and how they work. These folks simply stand head and shoulders above most people in the field.My mouth thanks them.