Types of Dentures

Set of Full Dentures

Although there are lots of new dental procedures such as implants or crowns that can be used to cosmetically improve your smile and comfort of living, dentures are a tried and true dental solution that can be viable for those who have lost their teeth over time from poor dental care, age, diet, or even hereditary disease.

Two Main Types of Dentures

Set of Partial DenturesThe different types of dentures available include full dentures and partial dentures that can be either an upper denture or a lower denture. Depending on the patient’s needs, remarkable results can be achieved, bringing back a winning smile to those who have otherwise become used to a dismal, unhappy mouth staring back at them every day in the mirror. The term ‘false teeth’, has often been associated with dentures, but never until this day and age has it been so easy to have them made, fitted and fully ready to go in the same day. Wherever possible, same day services are offered to get you back to your busy life.

Thanks to our on site aesthetic dental laboratory, often everything can be done very quickly with adjustments done on site & even same day. You won’t have to ‘wait for 2 weeks to get your crowns back from the lab’ anymore. The real benefit of on-site adjustments are that they remove the need for multiple dental office visits for minor issues & your pair of dentures can be tweaked until perfectly comfortable within hours. You will feel like yourself again in no time!

Other Types of Dentures

Within the full and partial denture categories, there are also many other types of dentures that may work for your mouth depending on your situation.

Set of Acrylic DenturesOther Types of Dentures:

  • Implant Supported Fixed Dentures
  • Implant Supported Removable Dentures
  • Cast Metal (Metal Frame) Dentures
  • Acrylic (Plastic) Dentures
  • Flexible Acrylic (Flexible Plastic Clasps) Dentures

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