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I have been involved in dentistry with my father since I was very young. We have always taken immense pride in building lifelong family relationships and believe in helping patients from all walks of life. Implementing cutting edge dental techniques, my father and I work on a wide-ranging selection of dental topics including:

Feel comfortable and at ease with our sleep sedation availability which allows dental treatment on even the most fearful of patients. I strongly recommend it for all healthy bodied patients under the age of 8, all dental surgeries, and for patients who need a ton of dental work to be done in one sitting. Also, take advantage of our on-site Icon Dental Studio where our expert ceramist can masterfully craft the veneers, crowns, or dentures you have always dreamed of. Stop by our Oxnard dentistry and see why we’re one of the highest rated dental practices in all of Ventura County! We offer coverage for many dental insurance providers including delta dental.

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