Tooth Extractions

Not all permanent teeth last forever. When there is no chance of saving a tooth, a dentist may need to extract the tooth to prevent it from causing further harm to the mouth & rest of the body.

Your Safety and Comfort are Our #1 Goals

Tooth Removal at Oxnard Dentist Carson & Carson, DDS.At Carson & Carson, DDS we understand that having a tooth pulled can be a nerve-racking, uncomfortable, and sometimes painful experience, but our attentive dentists are well trained in making the experience as quick and as smooth as possible. We have over 45 years of experience delivering a pain free tooth extraction experience to the Ventura County area. Our team has successfully performed thousands of tooth extractions with most patients having little to no scarring and no discomfort after the procedure. Visit our wisdom tooth page for more information about wisdom tooth removal.

As requested by our patients, we are a certified sedation dentistry as a treatment option for a truly forgettable tooth extraction. Schedule an appointment with the Oxnard dentist with over 45 years of experience in the fields of dentistry – Carson & Carson, DDS. Find a dentist near me.

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Reasons for Needing a Tooth Extraction

There can be many reasons for needing a tooth extraction. Many common dental issues require tooth extraction as part of the treatment process. Some of these issues include:

  • Severe Tooth Decay: Tooth decay, to the point beyond saving, is still the most common reason for a tooth extraction with almost 70% of extractions being done for this reason.
  • Crowding: Sometimes teeth grow in too large for the available space in the oral cavity, and extracting teeth can help create more room for the remaining teeth to grow and align properly. For individuals straightening their teeth with braces, an extraction is sometimes required to create the space necessary to allow teeth to straighten. Crowding is a common issue for wisdom teeth, and when this issue is left untreated, it can lead to severe pain, formation of cysts in the gums, infections, headaches, crooked teeth, and the loss of surrounding teeth.
  • Preparing Site for Future Restorations: A tooth may need to be extracted so that restorations can occur down the road. This is commonly the case when a patient is planning to get a dental implant in the future.
  • Baby Teeth Extractions: Not all baby teeth fall out on their own, and some must be extracted by a dental professional to help create room for permanent teeth that are growing in.
  • Dental Infections: Among the many variations of dental infections, there are some infections that require a tooth extraction because they are either inaccessible without pulling a tooth or have not been cured by antibiotics or Root Canal Treatment. Individuals undergoing chemotherapy or an organ transplant have an elevated risk of getting dental infections because their immune systems are compromised and may be good candidates for a tooth extraction in the case of infection. Untreated dental infections can be fatal, so be sure to contact your dentist if you suspect anything is awry with your oral health.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Clean, extracted toothAlso known as the dreaded, third set of molars, wisdom teeth are removed for most people who simply do not have the space to house another thick set of molars in the back of their mouth. Often times, these teeth cause pain when they become impacted (stuck in the jaw) and are removed during the patient’s teen years for an easier surgery and recovery. Visit our wisdom tooth removal page for more information on the specifics of getting your wisdom teeth extracted.

Preparing for Tooth Extraction

When tooth extraction is the determined best plan of action, some preparations are made to ensure that the procedure is as smooth and painless as possible. First, we take an X-ray or CT Scan of your mouth to map the affected areas before the procedure. Then, we use this information to determine: the relationships between teeth, the relationships of nerves to teeth, or determine if any infections, bone disease, or tumors are present before the procedure. A few medical conditions may require additional antibiotics before the procedure as well and these can include having: an impaired immune system, liver cirrhosis, an artificial joint, a history of bacterial endocarditis, a Congenital heart defect, or a man-made heart valve.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

Patient sedated for tooth extraction.We perform both major types of extractions which are Simple and Surgical Tooth Extractions. For both types of extractions, we offer a variety of sedation dentistry options to our patients for a completely pain-free experience.

Simple Tooth Extractions are performed on visible teeth that can be removed with the proper use of leverage and force. In this procedure, the tooth is lifted with the help of an elevator and dental forceps and then moved around until loose enough to pull out. This is typically a quick and easy procedure that does not require more than a local anesthetic.

Surgical Tooth Extractions are performed when the tooth is not visible or not easy to access. Teeth that should be extracted this way are commonly either broken below the line of the gums or never fully erupted from the gums, and may require drilling into the jawbone to be accessed.

Tips for Post Extraction Care

Following a tooth extraction, some extra precautions must be taken to ensure the lowest chance of an infection or bleeding. It is important to follow your dentists’ instructions which may include:

  • DO NOT drink from a straw, spit or rinse your mouth forcefully in the 24 hours following a tooth extraction. Creating suction in the mouth can weaken the blood clots or stitching in the wound leading to further bleeding and a slower healing process.
  • Apply ice to affected area for 20 minutes at a time.
  • Limit physical activity in the day immediately following the extraction.
  • Eat soft or cooled foods for a few days.
  • Gentle rinsing of the mouth with half of a teaspoon of salt mixed into a glass of water is advised.
  • Take painkillers as needed/instructed. NSAIDS such as Ibuprofen and Advil are effective in treating the pain caused by a tooth extraction, but can worsen a situation that won’t stop bleeding.
  • Contact your dentist if the blood clot has not formed in first couple of days and the bleeding will not stop, as this may indicate a condition called Dry Socket, which may require additional treatment from your dentist.
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JoAnn Cataldo
21:06 07 Aug 23
Carson and Acasio Dentistry is great! All staff, including dentists, are very friendly and nice. They actually seem to care how the patients are doing. It's also easy to get there as it's right to the west of Oxnard Blvd.
Shannon Ball
18:19 07 Aug 23
This has been the best dental office we have been to as a family. They are warm, and welcoming. Anytime I have called to make an appointment, we were able to be seen quickly. I highly recommend them!
Rich Sprague
15:03 04 Aug 23
Several years ago, I moved to Oxnard and needed some dental work done. In the past, I have always chosen a dentist who offers Sleep Sedation (IV) which puts one into a state of fantasyland, and which I really like when having serious dental work.Upon looking online, I was pleased to find Carson & Carson and was initially treated by the father, LeRoy. On a subsequent visit where I desired the IV, I did not have the requisite ride home and son Dr. Derek graciously dropped me off at the house. To this day, I am grateful for his kind gesture.A little over a year ago, I broke a tooth and met Dr. Mike Acasio for the first time. He really made me feel comfortable with his incredibly positive and caring bedside manner. I then learned he was becoming a partner in the practice and began a discussion about how I could help them rebrand their practice with a new name and look.They hired me to be their marketing services manager and, among other things, to create a new website which is soon to be launched.During the last few months, I have gotten to see and experience first-hand their practice from top to bottom. The doctors are phenomenally talented and dedicated to care for their patients and provide the best experience one can have (most people, like me, would rather walk on hot coals rather than going to a dentist).The Carson-Acasio staff have a great bond and they are committed to their patients with the best care, and support each other through the process.Then just recently, I needed two teeth removed. Dr. Mike convinced me that he could do the work without sleep sedation. He removed the teeth, which then included a third which was badly infected and joined to the bone , and even had to crack the bone … all without me suffering or panicking.I’ve been going to dentists for a lifetime, and Dr. Mike is the best practitioner I have ever encountered.Over the past year and a half, I’ve learned a lot about dentistry and specifically about the Carson & Acasio practice. I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to be part of their organization and see, for myself, what they do and how they work. These folks simply stand head and shoulders above most people in the field.My mouth thanks them.