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Sedation Dentistry ServicesDo you suffer from a dental phobia or an intense fear of getting dental work done? This is not uncommon. Many people are fearful of the dental chair, and the potential pain or discomfort that can accompany it, but modern medicine has allowed many dentists to practice sleeping dentistry (sleep sedation) that gives patients a chance to sleep right through their dental treatment. At Carson & Carson, we offer IV Sedation, IM Sedation, Laughing Gas Sedation, and Oral Sedation options to our patients so that you can have a pain-free dental visit you won’t even remember! Call us today to request a consultation with the Oxnard Dentists, who were one of the first to offer sedation dentistry in Ventura County.

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Expert Sedation Dentists Since 1994

Both of our dentists Dr. LeRoy Carson and Dr. Derek Carson are certified by the State of California Board of Dental Examiners and are experts in sedation with decades of experience ranging back to 1994. Additionally, our dentists are both board certified conscious sedation examiners & evaluators. Our experienced team of sedation dentists can provide you a safe and relaxing alternative to being awake during your dental treatment through a variety of different sedation options, all offered with an affordable, one-time fee unlike other dentists in the area who charge by the hour or minute.

With over 50 years of experience serving the residents of the Oxnard area, you can feel confident that you are receiving care from some of the most accomplished and trusted dentists in the Los Angeles & Ventura Counties at Carson & Carson, DDS.

Is Sleep Dentistry Right For Me?

Sleep sedation may be a viable option for your dental treatment if you:Intravenous Sedation with dentist and patient

  • are not numbed easily from local anesthetics
  • want to sleep through your dental visit
  • are nervous about dental treatment
  • have an easily triggered gag reflex
  • fear dental visits
  • require a lot of work in a single visit
  • haven’t been to the dentist in a long time

Our team of dental experts believes that every patient deserves to be relaxed and comfortable when receiving dental care. So, we offer sleep dentistry sedation for a large number of procedures including root canals and our pediatric dentistry services.

Find out today if sleep dentistry is the right option for you. (805) 983-0717

Sleep Right Through Your Treatment

Different Types of Sedation Used in Sleep Dentistry

There are many different types of sedation that can be used to achieve the painless state of sleep in sedation dentistry including IV, IM, laughing gas, and oral sedation.

Oral Sedation Dentistry

Sedation pills in palm of hand

Oral Sedation is the most simple form of sedation dentistry we offer. A sedative is taken in the form of a small pill before the appointment, which helps to ensure that the patient is in a calm state of mind and is very relaxed before dental work begins. The process involves taking a Benzodiazepine, which reduces brain activity relating to anxiety and fear.

Pros of Oral Sedation:

  • No needles are involved. Typical treatment involves a small, chewable pill.
  • Patients tend to have little to no memory of the procedure

  • Oral sedatives are highly regulated by the FDA, so they are generally considered to be the safest form of sedation.
  • The patient is still responsive & interactive during the effects of the oral sedative

Cons of Oral Sedation:

  • Time until it takes effect. Compared to other forms of sedation, oral sedatives do take longer to kick in.
  • If more sedative is needed, it can take a while to kick in
  • Inability to drive while under the effects of oral sedatives

IV – Intravenous Sedation Dentistry

Intravenous (IV) Sedation is a commonly used method for sedation dentistry. In this procedure, at least three liters of oxygen per minute titrate slowly with a general anesthetic until the patient is sedated to the point of no memory and has no fear. The patient then falls into a verbally arousable state of light sleep known as twilight sleep. This type of sleep is not true unconsciousness but rather an amnesiac state where the patient experiences a highly reduced sensitivity to pain. The pulse rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and respiration rate are all monitored closely during & after the procedure to ensure the safety of the patient.

IV sedation is one of the most effective techniques in relieving dental anxiety for patients and is administered intravenously. It is the preferred method for many patients and is administered directly into the arm to provide rapid sedation.

Pros of IV Sedation:

  • Patients have little memory of the procedure
  • Rapid onsetFluid Bag for Intravenous Sedation
  • IV is a deeper sedation than oral or inhaled sedatives
  • The gag reflex is greatly diminished

  • Dosage is measured to exact specification of the individual
  • Great for bypassing dental anxiety
  • Unwanted reactions to the drug can be quickly & easily reversed

Cons of IV Sedation:

  • Cannot drive home by yourself
  • The site of injection can become infected
  • More expensive procedure

IM – Intramuscular Sedation Dentistry

Intramuscular Sedation (IM) is another technique which is often used in place of oral medication for a non-compliant patient or child. This type of sedation is administered through injections which require a larger muscle mass such as the upper thigh, buttocks or upper arm. IM Sedation is the go to option when other options are not preferred or available, but it is generally less controllable than IV Sedation. This method of sedation is ideal when you are too anxious, fearful, or uncooperative for a dental procedure.

Pros of IM Sedation:

  • Rapid onset
  • Longer lasting effects

  • More reliably absorbed by the body than oral sedatives
  • Patient cooperation is not as essential

Cons of IM Sedation:

  • Inability to titrate (or measure and adjust balance of), which can result in less accurate dosage prediction
  • Inability to reverse drug action
  • Prolonged duration of drug effect
  • The site of injection can become infected

Laughing Gas Sedation Dentistry

Gentle sleep with sedation dentistry.

Laughing gas sedation dentristry, involves inhaling a mixture of Nitrogen and Oxygen gas through a mask placed over the nose. With this form of sedation, it is possible that a patient may be able to drive themselves home afterward.

Pros of Laughing Gas Sedation:

  • Short-lived. The patient may be able to drive home
  • Dosage is easy to control
  • Does not put you to sleep. You can hear & respond to questions

Cons of Laughing Gas Sedation:

  • Does not put you fully to sleep. Some patients would rather not remember anything
  • It might make your legs and arms feel tingly or heavy
  • Very short-lived period of effect. Laughing gas starts to wear off as soon as the mask is removed
Never Fear Dental Work Again

Our Qualifications in Sedation Dentistry

Both of our sedation dentists are licensed and experienced with successful procedures dating back to as early as 1994.

Dr. Derek K. Carson

Dr. Derek Carson's certificate of membership to ADSA

This is Dr. Derek K. Carson’s certificate of membership to the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology.

Dr. Derek K. Carson's conscious sedation certificate

Here is Dr. Derek K. Carson’s conscious sedation certificate. His certificate was personally approved & signed by the president and secretary of the Dental Board of California.

Dr. Leroy K. Carson

Conscious Sedation Permit for Dr Leroy Carson

This is Dr. LeRoy K. Carson’s IV sedation license.

Conscious Sedation Evaluator Dr Leroy Carson
This is Dr. LeRoy K. Carson’s appointment as an IV sedation evaluator for the State of California. Every IV dentist is required to be evaluated every five years in office. We pass these evaluations with flying colors every time & you should expect no less from any sedation dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry Case Studies

After the dental care is complete, the IV or IM medication will wear off, and the process of returning to a state of alertness is monitored by the administering dentist and qualified dental staff. All localized anesthesia and shots are completed after the patient is sedated. Browse Sedation Dentistry case studies from our past sedation work.
Vitals monitor used in sedation dentistry

Improve Your Dental Experience with Sedation Dentistry

Don’t let pain or fear keep you from having a great smile. Find a dental plan that suits your needs the best with the wide selection of services offered at Carson & Carson Dental office in Oxnard or Camarillo, California. To discuss the process, pricing, or more information on our use of sedation in sleep dentistry, please call our Oxnard office today at (805) 983-0717. Find a dentist near me. Our dentists are available 24 hours a day to treat a dental emergency.

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JoAnn Cataldo
21:06 07 Aug 23
Carson and Acasio Dentistry is great! All staff, including dentists, are very friendly and nice. They actually seem to care how the patients are doing. It's also easy to get there as it's right to the west of Oxnard Blvd.
Shannon Ball
18:19 07 Aug 23
This has been the best dental office we have been to as a family. They are warm, and welcoming. Anytime I have called to make an appointment, we were able to be seen quickly. I highly recommend them!
Rich Sprague
15:03 04 Aug 23
Several years ago, I moved to Oxnard and needed some dental work done. In the past, I have always chosen a dentist who offers Sleep Sedation (IV) which puts one into a state of fantasyland, and which I really like when having serious dental work.Upon looking online, I was pleased to find Carson & Carson and was initially treated by the father, LeRoy. On a subsequent visit where I desired the IV, I did not have the requisite ride home and son Dr. Derek graciously dropped me off at the house. To this day, I am grateful for his kind gesture.A little over a year ago, I broke a tooth and met Dr. Mike Acasio for the first time. He really made me feel comfortable with his incredibly positive and caring bedside manner. I then learned he was becoming a partner in the practice and began a discussion about how I could help them rebrand their practice with a new name and look.They hired me to be their marketing services manager and, among other things, to create a new website which is soon to be launched.During the last few months, I have gotten to see and experience first-hand their practice from top to bottom. The doctors are phenomenally talented and dedicated to care for their patients and provide the best experience one can have (most people, like me, would rather walk on hot coals rather than going to a dentist).The Carson-Acasio staff have a great bond and they are committed to their patients with the best care, and support each other through the process.Then just recently, I needed two teeth removed. Dr. Mike convinced me that he could do the work without sleep sedation. He removed the teeth, which then included a third which was badly infected and joined to the bone , and even had to crack the bone … all without me suffering or panicking.I’ve been going to dentists for a lifetime, and Dr. Mike is the best practitioner I have ever encountered.Over the past year and a half, I’ve learned a lot about dentistry and specifically about the Carson & Acasio practice. I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to be part of their organization and see, for myself, what they do and how they work. These folks simply stand head and shoulders above most people in the field.My mouth thanks them.