Oral Surgery Case Studies

Warning: Many of these images are quite graphic in nature. We do not advise continuing down the page if you are uncomfortable seeing blood.

Oral Surgery Case Study 1

surgical extraction of wisdom teeth
This is a surgical extraction of wisdom teeth. It is difficult to see the surgery because it is so far back in the mouth.

Oral Surgery Case Study 2

Oral surgery. Surgical removal of cyst

Surgical Removal of a cyst. This patient had one of the worst cysts I had ever seen at the time, but his gums were able to heal well after the surgery.

Oral Surgery Case Study 3

Extraction of the supernumary tooth before permanent teeth erupt

Extraction of the supernumerary tooth on a pediatric patient. If left in place, the permanent tooth could be blocked out of its normal position and fail to erupt. The lower photo is an apicoectomy of a failed root canal. I am cleaning out an infected area around the root and sterilizing the apex. I then sealed the apex with a new plug of gutta-percha or IRM.

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Oral Surgery Case Study 4

Typical example of post-op swelling

Typical post-op swelling from wisdom teeth extraction. It is normal to swell up after oral surgery. Swelling lasts for one week, and sometimes less.

Oral Surgery Case Study 5

Excisional Biopsy of Papilloma

Excisional Biopsy of Papilloma.

Oral Surgery Case Study 6

Surgical extraction of a lateral incisor

Surgical extraction of a lateral incisor.

Oral Surgery Case Study 7

Surgical correction of a failed root canal

Surgical correction of the failed root canal by performing an apicoectomy and retrograde endo seal. Several cases are shown here. The upper one is a classic. You can see the incision and reflection, the bone, the apex of the tooth, and the retrograde endo or apical plug or seal from underneath. When completed the case is sutured or stitched up.

Oral Surgery Case Study 8

Excisional biopsy of Lipoma Tumor

Excisional Biopsy of lipoma tumor on the patient’s lip.

Oral Surgery Case Study 9

Oral Surgery, excisional biopsy of mixed tumor

A mixed tumor on the patient’s lip.

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