Denture Case Studies

Case Study 1

This gentleman needed full dentures. The end result was undetectable.

Replaced missing teeth with dentures

Case Study 2

New remote denture before and after pictures

This gentleman received a full upper and lower partial denture. The partial dentures are undetectable on him.

Case Study 3

Replacement of old denture with a new denture

A full upper denture correctly done changed this patients face and smile.

Case Study 4

Before and after for an immediate denture case with upper denture and lower flipper

I tried to keep this patient’s teeth, but he was insistent on getting dentures. They look good, but his teeth could have been saved. The patient is always right.

Case Study 5

Before and after extractions for immediate denture

This lady insisted on lower dentures as well as the upper. Her upper was unavoidable, but she could have postponed the lower for a while. I delivered her dentures the same time I extracted her teeth. An immediate denture. See the next photo below.

Case Study 6

Complete immediate dentures in use

The dentures improved her appearance, but as with all lower dentures, the patient was uncomfortable with the instability. They look beautiful though.

Case Study 7

Before & after of initial full denture set

This man’s denture changed his whole outlook on life. He assumed a pleasing appearance with their placement.

Case Study 8

The four case study photos below illustrate the timeline of the denture process from start to finish.

#1 This was before her tooth extractions.

Before immediate dentures

#2 More context before the extractions were done.

Before full mouth extractions

#3 After the extractions were done but before the mouth had fully healed.

After full mouth extraction surgery

#4 This is her appearance with new set of upper & lower dentures. It gave her smile a much more attractive appearance.

Completed case with full upper and lower dentures

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