Attrition Case Studies

Below are a few attrition case studies that we have seen in our 45 years prodiving dental care for the Oxnard & Camarillo communities.

Case Study 1

Early Attrition, Advanced Attrition, Lemon Attrition
Citric acid from lemons is a common dental problem and completely destroys teeth at an early age. I have seen cases of teen-agers that have ruined their front teeth from sucking on lemons all the time.

Case Study 2

Advanced Erosion, Nail Biting Attrition

Teeth wear from dental attrition is accelerated by nail biting. Please stop the nail biting habit on your child before they hit junior high or they never will and cause their teeth to wear out prematurely.

Case Study 3

Removing fragments of fractured teeth

Many teeth split and fracture from chewing on ice, rock hard candy, and bone pieces in food. In order to avoid this, big fillings should be replaced with sturdier crowns.

Case Study 4

Removing teeth with heavy damage from attrition

Root fractures caused this tooth to need extraction. It was unsavable after one half of the tooth was removed. This tooth had a root canal that was recently completed, but it split before it could be crowned. Always crown a tooth right after a root canal, do not wait and leave the exposed tooth vulnerable.

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