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Tooth Extractions – Teeth Removal

We do all types of extractions in our practice.  Although, nobody wants to lose a tooth sometimes it is necessary to remove one or more teeth due to infection, decay or orthodontic treatment. If an extraction needs to be done and our patients are nervous sleep sedation can be given to make the appointment much more comfortable. We do sleep sedation frequently for wisdom teeth extractions, implant placement and many other restorative type procedures. If a tooth is lost and our patients want a dental implant as a replacement we sometimes have to do bone augmentation to preserve the bone height. For difficult extractions a 3-D dental CT scan may be necessary to prevent damage to adjacent nerves and blood vessels. Our goal while doing surgery is to minimize trauma and prevent pain to our patients. Contact us if you have any questions regarding tooth removal. We will do our best to make this a low stress pain free experience.

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