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Root Canals

Infected pulp of a tooth requiring Root Canal TreatmentOur offices have been performing root canals (Endodontics), removal of the nerve from tooth, through Root Canal Treatment for over 40 years. Our goal is always to make Root Canal Treatment a quick and painless procedure. Performing treatment on a root canal allows us to decontaminate the pulp caused by bacterial presence inside of the tooth, relieving pain and allowing the tooth to be resealed and restored to working function.

At Carson & Carson DDS, we offer Sleep Sedation, which is commonly used in conjunction with a root canal treatment to provide you with a painless experience that won’t even be remembered.

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Advantages of Root Canal Treatment

When the pulp of a tooth becomes infected, Root Canal is an effective treatment which can help maintain:

  • Efficient chewing
  • Protection of other teeth from excessive wear or strain
  • Normal biting force and sensation
  • A more natural appearance

Are Root Canals Painful?

A common misconception is that a root canal treatment is a terribly painful process, but this is untrue in a majority of the cases we see. Although most of our patients feel little to no pain when getting a root canal treatment due to the local numbing and pain medications used in this treatment, this process of removing infected pulp is different for every tooth and every patient has a varying level of tolerance for pain. At Carson & Carson, we offer IV sedation for any patient who may fear the pain that may accompany a root canal treatment. Ultimately, a root canal treatment is the solution to a painful problem and is done in order to prevent further pain caused by the infected pulp of a tooth and save the remaining portion of the natural tooth from decay. After the treatment has been performed, many patients experience a small amount of pain and sensitivity for a few days in the affected tooth. Pain medication can be prescribed for those who feel that the pain is too much to handle after a root canal treatment is performed. Recurring or consistent pain that does not disappear a few days after the treatment is not normal and may be a sign of further infection. Call your dentist right away if you are in pain days after your root canal treatment.

Process of Root Canal Treatment

  1. Local anesthesia is administered by your dentist to numb local area around affected tooth. A dental dam may be placed around the tooth to keep it dry during the procedure.Tooth candidate for root canal, removal of tooth's root, filling after root removal
  2. Your dentist will then use a drill to create a hole in the top of the tooth so the inside of the tooth is accessible.
  3. Your dentist can now clear the infected pulp out of the tooth and begin the process of tooth repair by shaping the inner chamber of the tooth and root. The chamber of the tooth may have all the pulp washed out of it or have an antimicrobial solution inserted into it to prevent further infection.
  4. The dentist can now proceed to fill in the empty chamber with a rubber-like material called gutta percha, and afterward, the tooth can be closed using a temporary filling.
  5. After you have healed from the removal of the root, a permanent crown can be placed over the tooth to finish off the procedure.

Alternatives to Root Canal Treatment

If a tooth is badly decayed or severely broken, a Dental Implant is a more predictable treatment than root canal therapy. After the removal of the broken tooth, we firmly embed a dental implant into the open slot to restore your jawline to beautiful, working order.

CTs & X-rays of some of our past Endodontic work

This patient knocked out the top one half of his front tooth trying to keep a drunk person from driving after a party was over. I endodontically tried to correct the tooth in one appointment; then I placed a stainless steel post down the canal and bonded the tooth together. I splinted it for six weeks to stabilize the tooth so it could heal.

The case above was a success. You would never know the left front tooth had been reconstructed endontically, but I am sad to report that he got hit in the mouth while playing basketball.

These here are radiographs, X-RAYS of successful root canal treatments. Some are single canal and some are multiple. Front teeth are single canal, where as the back molars are three canals.

Carson & Carson DDS: Over 3 decades of experience in Endodontics

A Root Canal Treatment can be a dreadful experience full of pain, but our dentists have the qualifications and experience to make your Root Canal Treatment as easy as counting sheep. For questions, or to make an appointment, call our Oxnard office today at (805) 983-0717.

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