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Root Canals and Endodontics

Our offices have been performing root canals for over 38 years. Endodontics is the nerve removal of the tooth. Our goal is to make Root Canal Treatment a painless procedure. This treatment allows us to safely decontaminate the pulp caused by bacterial presence. If you are fearful sleep sedation is an option for root canal therapy. If you have had a root canal fail due to fracture or decay we have the option of doing a dental implant after tooth removal. At times when a tooth is badly decayed or severely broken and implant is a more predictable treatment than root canal therapy. When we do root canal therapy we use specialty instruments to make it more successful. These are CT Scans, digital radiography and apex locators. Please call us if you have any questions regarding a tooth that is throbbing or painful to air, hot or cold. We here to help you and make root canal therapy a pain free process.

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This patient knocked out the top one half of his front tooth trying to keep a drunk person from driving after a party was over. I endodontically tried to correct the tooth in one appointment; then I placed a stainless steel post down the canal and bonded the tooth together. I splinted it for six weeks to stabilize the tooth so it could heal.

The case above was a success. You would never know the left front tooth had been reconstructed endontically, but I am sad to report that he got hit in the mouth while playing basketball. And Yes! You guessed it! He broke it again.

These here are radiographs, X-RAYS of successful root canal treatments. Some are single canal and some are multiple. Front teeth are single canal, where as the back molars are three canals.

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