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Dental Cleaning

Importance of Dental Hygiene and Teeth Cleanings

Removing plaque and tartar (hardened plaque) buildup from teeth is part of a healthy routine of good oral hygiene. The importance of maintaining good dental hygiene goes beyond having healthy teeth, as having your teeth regularly examined and cleaned is linked to having better overall health. Some signs of good oral hygiene include:Happy patient after teeth cleaning from Oxnard dentist Carson & Carson, DDS.

  • Your teeth are clean and there no food particles or debris on or between your teeth.
  • Your breath does not have a constant foul odor.
  • Your gums are pink in color and do are not in pain or bleeding when you floss or brush.

Having a bright smile and having clean breath are great for your confidence and even better for your health as a whole. Maintaining a rigorous dental hygiene regiment aids in the prevention of periodontal diseases such as Gingivitis which is a common cause of bad breath. Daily care for your teeth involves the proper maintenance of your oral hygiene with habits such as:

  • Brushing teeth at least twice a day
  • Flossing daily to avoid buildup of debris in between teeth
  • Using fluoride containing toothpaste or mouthwash to aid in the prevention of cavities.

Our dental hygiene experts at Carson & Carson, DDS are the best in Ventura County. Whether you regularly care for your teeth, or may need some special attention for your oral hygiene, our dental hygienists not only care for your dental hygiene, but for your wellbeing as a whole. Visit the Oxnard dental practice that has been delivering excellent smiles since 1972: Carson & Carson, DDS (805)-983-0717.

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What to Expect from a Dental Cleaning

The process of getting a teeth cleaning involves both diagnostic and preventive care for your oral health. We will regularly: examine your teeth for abnormalities in biting and chewing, evaluate the health of your gum tissue, include CT Scans and digital radiography in our analysis of your oral health, screen for oral cancer, and refer you to specialists if you require further treatment.

This procedure of cleaning the plaque and tartar from your teeth typically takes between 30 minutes and an hour depending on your dental hygiene beforehand. For most individuals, dental cleanings are a painless process, but for those who have neglected their oral hygiene, it might be a slightly uncomfortable process because of the sensitivity of teeth and gums when receiving a teeth cleaning. At Carson & Carson, DDS, we have been cleaning teeth for over 45 years, and take extra precaution to avoid making our patients feel any pain or discomfort during a teeth cleaning.

There are three major steps involved in a dental cleaning: Scaling teeth, the polishing of the surface of teeth after they have been cleaned of plaque and tartar, and the debridement of teeth which is only necessary when there is excess plaque and tartar buildup typically seen in patients that have not had a teeth cleaning for over a year. We offer professional fluoride treatments in addition to dental cleanings to further whiten and strengthen the enamel of teeth.


The scaling or root planing of teeth involves cleaning the surfaces of teeth to rid them of microbial biofilm that composes plaque and tartar buildup. This important procedure in every teeth cleaning is a critical step in the prevention of Periodontal (gum) disease and can involve the removal of cementum or dentine, to a limited depth, as to allow for proper periodontal healing. Graphic of part of the scaling process at Oxnard Dentist Carson & Carson, DDS.To effectively break apart plaque without causing damage to teeth, we employ the use of state of the art ultrasonic hand instruments such as periodontal scalers and curettes that offer high precision when performing teeth cleanings. These instruments are also used to dig painlessly into the pockets of gums to further remove any plaque buildup that may exist there and further aid in the prevention of periodontal disease.


After teeth are scaled, an antibacterial solution is used as a mouthwash to further disinfect teeth. The surfaces of teeth can then be smoothed and polished using a polishing paste applied via the use of a prophy cup which is a small, motorized polishing brush. Polishing step in teeth cleaning at Oxnard dentist Carson & Carson, DDS.Every surface of all the teeth in your mouth is finely polished to remove extrinsic stains and any remaining dental plaque that has accumulated. Tooth polishing is critical in reducing the corrosion of any metallic restorations that you may have and can aid in the process of returning your teeth to their natural color.


This deep dental cleaning is only necessary when a normal teeth cleaning is not enough to properly remove the tartar and plaque built up on teeth. Debridement can scrape off thick pockets on teeth and is done with similar, ultrasonic tools as with teeth scaling and planning, but is more extensive. If this process is necessary in your teeth cleaning, it will take a bit longer than your average cleaning, but can be a significant step in avoiding gingivitis or periodontal disease and can restore a clean and healthy feeling to your mouth.

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