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Preventative Dentistry

Preventative Dentistry: A Small investment today to save big tomorrow

Preventative dentistry is a type of oral care that focuses on maintaining healthy gums and teeth in preventing: cavities, teeth sensitivity, gingivitis, periodontitis, and the loss of enamel on teeth. The proper daily care for your oral hygiene can save you thousands of dollars in the long run, as it can cost an average of $40,000 to $80,000 in root canal treatments and dental crowns to have your mouth completely reconstructed.Digital examples of gum diseases Gingivitis and Periodontitis

With over 45 years of experience serving Oxnard, our dental team is qualified to provide a full range of services focusing on preventative dentistry for both Adult & Pediatric dentistry. Visit the Oxnard dentist who has served Ventura County excellent preventative dental care since 1970 – Carson & Carson, DDS (805) 983-0717.

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Preventative Dentistry: Strategies for Good Oral Hygiene


  • Tools for Preventative Dentistry at homeBrush twice daily to help avoid the buildup of plaque and other bacteria in the mouth. Brushing daily with an ADA approved fluoride toothpaste is the most crucial step in preventing future issues with your oral health. Flossing in between teeth and brushing the tongue are also critical steps in maintaining healthy teeth that should be done daily.
  • Visiting your dentist at least twice a year is a key in preventing oral disease according to the American Dental Association (ADA). Your dentist can provide professional cleaning and management of any developing problems or imperfections.
  • Maintain a Healthy Diet. A diet high in sugars and carbohydrates aids in tooth decay as these types of nutrients strengthen the bacteria that produce dental plaque. Diets lacking sufficient calcium will promote the premature deterioration of the jaw and the development of periodontal (gum) diseases. Finding the right balance of nutrients will help strengthen teeth by providing the minerals necessary to properly maintain healthy teeth.
  • Avoid smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol. These practices not only destroy your teeth but can also lead to: tooth discoloration, dry mouth, gum disease, tooth loss, plaque buildup, and can eventually cause oral cancer.
  • Use a Waterpik. Waterpiks are powerful water flossing tools that offer a better cleaning experience than traditional floss does. They are clinically proven to be effective at: improving gum health, removing plaque and bacteria, and cleaning those hard to reach areas that a toothbrush or sting floss can’t. This form of flossing is fast, easy, and ideal for cleaning unreachable places such as the space between braces and your teeth.

We offer preventative services such as Dental Cleanings, state of the art dental CT scans & digital radiography for early detection of oral cancers, and fluoride treatments at Carson & Carson, DDS.

A Healthy smile helps prevent serious diseases

Poor oral hygiene can lead to a whole list of issues for the health of your mouth (cavities, teeth sensitivity, gingivitis, periodontitis, and the loss of enamel on teeth) but keeping good oral hygiene is also important in avoiding the following health problems:

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Respiratory Disease
  • Heart Disease / Cardiovascular Disease

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Before and After Pit and fissure sealants

These are examples of pit and fissure sealants. Sealants reduce the probability of caries by about 90% on the tops of molars. I also recommend fluoride treatments to inhibit interproximal tooth decay.

Oxnard Dental Offices of Carson & Carson, DDS Offering affordable preventative care to all of Ventura County for over 45 years

Our professional dental team at Carson & Carson is always prepared to speak to you about the cost, process, or any general concerns you may have about Preventative Dentistry. Call (805) 983-0717 today to make an appointment with some of the best dentists in all of Ventura County: Carson & Carson, DDS.


Lamont Yvon
Lamont Yvon
22:50 15 Mar 18
I have had a lot of procedures including 8 implants. There is no better dentist office than Carson and Carson. Dr. Derek Carson (the son of Dr. Leroy Carson) is FANTASTIC! He has learned well from his father (who still works there). Papa is the MAN!, and has been for years. Insane amount of knowledge. The Doctors are THE BEST! The support staff is fun and professional always. I will never go anywhere else.
Casandra Sorenson
Casandra Sorenson
23:05 08 May 18
A dentist that truly understands how much the whole dental trip petrifies me - and helps me overcome it. For the first time, and certainly not the last, he used nitros oxide and I can honestly say I can look at future visits without abject terror. No more waiting until the tooth needs pulled! I may even get my teeth cleaned.
Laura Lassiter
Laura Lassiter
18:32 15 Mar 18
The BEST dental office in Ventura County!! Super friendly staff, easy to schedule appts, no issues with insurance processing, and Dr. Carson makes sure you are always comfortable and pain-free when getting any work done. I've been a patient for over 7 years now and I couldn't be happier! I highly recommend!
Ivon valdez
Ivon valdez
18:13 18 Mar 18
Great office...great dentist ....great staff...very kind and helpful .....
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia
15:26 27 Jan 18
Fun, friendly staff, that makes you feel comfortable immediately and accommodating...excellent work, i highly recommend'em.
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