Partial Dentures

A Natural Looking & Effective Solution For Missing Teeth

A partial denture iPartial denture being fit to a model of patient's mouth.s a natural-looking partial set of custom teeth that is used to fill gaps left by missing teeth. People wear dentures to improve their appearance and comfort while eating. They are designed to rest comfortably on the existing teeth and gums & can help to restore the natural contours of the cheeks, lips, and face.

In severe cases of missing teeth, partial dentures offer major improvements by filling in the gaps left by these teeth & can even make a patient’s smile look completely normal again. This can do wonders for one’s self esteem and can greatly improve the comfortability & chewing ability of the individual.

As opposed to a Full Denture, a partial denture is a solution more for the individual who is missing only a few teeth rather than all or most of them.  Alternatively, Dental Bridges and Dental Implants can be utilized for a more permanent, unremovable solution instead of getting dentures depending on your dental circumstances. They are easier to maintain, but are often a more expensive alternative for treatment.

There are two main categories of partials: removable and irremovable types of partial dentures. Removable partial dentures are the most commonly seen, and within this category there are 3 subsidiary types of dentures: Cast metal (metal frame), Acrylic (plastic), and Flexible Acrylic (flexible plastic clasps).

Partial dentures also offer benefits in reducing the impact that missing teeth can have on your mouth.

If you have gaps left by knocked out or missing teeth, a partial denture could be great for:

  • Preventing teeth from shifting around or into open spaces left by missing teeth
  • Helping maintain the shape of your facial structure
  • Making chewing easier
  • Decreasing the risk of gum disease caused by missing teeth

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The Process of Getting a Set of Partial Dentures

The process of crafting a partial dentureLab technician crafting a denture. to fit your exact dental circumstances starts between 8 to 12 weeks after the teeth are lost or extracted from your mouth. A mold of the mouth tissues is taken and models are created based on this mold. The dentures are constructed piece by piece on this model and then tested with the patient’s mouth to ensure that they will work properly when used. This step of the process takes about 4-5 weeks on average with a visit to the dentist once a week. It is important to revisit your dentist and have the dentures adjusted if they are causing any discomfort or irritation along the oral tissues.

Quick & Easy Partial Dentures made on site at Carson & Carson, DDS

The manufacturing of a set of Partial or Full Dentures is all done at our in-house laboratory with the help of our experienced lab technician. With state of the art technology and techniques, our goal is to always make sure your visits to our dental office are an educational, pain free, and comforting experience. If you’re looking for a trustworthy and affordable dental office, then give us a call today at our Oxnard location – (805) 983-0717

Partial Dentures Before and After

Partial Dentures before and after

Tips on What to Expect With New Partial Dentures

  • It takes time to adjust to a partial denture designed to replace your missing teeth. You may have difficulty chewing or speaking properly at first, but over time this will become easier.
  • It becomes easier over time to insert and remove the partial denture from your mouth.
  • The denture should always fit into place with relative ease. If it must be forced into place or is persistently irritating to your gums or teeth, it should be taken to your dentist for readjustment & finetuning.
  • A partial denture is not worn all the time. It is commonly worn during the day and taken off to let the tissues of the mouth rest overnight. Wearing the denture for extended periods may help identify problem areas with its shape
  • Cheap dentures may be a quick fix, but taking the time and money to invest in a set of high-quality dentures is almost always more worth it in the end.

Caring for Partial Dentures

  • Brush twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste and a soft bristled toothbrush or one made specifically for cleaning dentures. Hard bristled brushes can damage the delicate surfaces of your dentures. Wash your dentures well after cleaning them with denture cleaners because they can contain unwanted chemicals.
  • Be wary of using toothpastes on your dentures as some can contain abrasives that can damage the surface of dentures.
  • When washing your dentures, hold them over a towel or sink full of water. Dentures are surprisingly more delicate than normal teeth and can break or shatter easily if dropped.

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Our Case Studies in Partial Dentures

Visit our partial denture case studies page to see more.

Fabricated upper and lower partial dentures
This patient only kept his two front teeth, rather than have a complete full denture. By doing so, he was able to chew all the hard foods that full denture wearers can only dream about i.e. carrots.



Lamont Yvon
Lamont Yvon
22:50 15 Mar 18
I have had a lot of procedures including 8 implants. There is no better dentist office than Carson and Carson. Dr. Derek Carson (the son of Dr. Leroy Carson) is FANTASTIC! He has learned well from his father (who still works there). Papa is the MAN!, and has been for years. Insane amount of knowledge. The Doctors are THE BEST! The support staff is fun and professional always. I will never go anywhere else.
Casandra Sorenson
Casandra Sorenson
23:05 08 May 18
A dentist that truly understands how much the whole dental trip petrifies me - and helps me overcome it. For the first time, and certainly not the last, he used nitros oxide and I can honestly say I can look at future visits without abject terror. No more waiting until the tooth needs pulled! I may even get my teeth cleaned.
Laura Lassiter
Laura Lassiter
18:32 15 Mar 18
The BEST dental office in Ventura County!! Super friendly staff, easy to schedule appts, no issues with insurance processing, and Dr. Carson makes sure you are always comfortable and pain-free when getting any work done. I've been a patient for over 7 years now and I couldn't be happier! I highly recommend!
Ivon valdez
Ivon valdez
18:13 18 Mar 18
Great office...great dentist ....great staff...very kind and helpful .....
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia
15:26 27 Jan 18
Fun, friendly staff, that makes you feel comfortable immediately and accommodating...excellent work, i highly recommend'em.
Max Patrick
Max Patrick
19:31 19 Feb 19
This dental office is beyond professional. A landmark of our city, to say the least. Dr. Carson has been serving our community for quite some time, with true care and concern for his patients. If you want a true dental experience, then I would highly advise you to make an appointment with them 🙂
Lucia Vieira
Lucia Vieira
15:18 16 Mar 17
Dr. Derek, you have a hand and a heart of gold. That spirit of help that you have is praiseworthy. I'm amazed at all the treatment you've done and I feel no pain after, not even the pain of the anesthesia sting, I say with propriety because I am very sensitive to pain. Congratulations on your work that loves what you do so you have been successful, not counting on your last generation machine that I do not know how to explain. Much gratitude, you're the best.
Keila Carson
Keila Carson
04:44 24 Apr 19
Today I had a procedure wisdoms teeth extracted with Dr Derek Carson. All staff it was the kindest people ever they stayed room and for the all time asking how I was feeling. The Dr was absolutely amazing! I had several shots and no leave one I feel it and about the extraction when I was thinking he will start it he ready did the extraction out me feeling any pain absolutely any discomfort. I had rest of my day as a normal day and not swallowing.I really want to thank you Dr Derek Carson to be an amazing Dentist so gentle and very professional with absolutely confidentiality.I highly recommended this office if you need to visit just for your regular cleaning or any procedure. Thank you very much!
Yazmine Givens
Yazmine Givens
23:15 14 May 19
All of the ladies that work here are extremely nice, and they show that they care. The orthodontist is amazing, and helped along the way of my road w/ braces.
Hermenegildo Gutierrez
Hermenegildo Gutierrez
06:25 04 Jun 19
Both doctors, father and son (Dr. Leroy and Dr. Derek), are the best of the best. I have been to different dentists due to change on my insurance coverage, but i keep coming back to Carson and Carson (even if it means paying out of pocket) because they take care of the issues others can not or are not willing to. Furthermore, the staff is truly amazing, friendly, knowledgeable, professional. I am in good hands, my family's hands.
Hermenegildo Gutierrez
Hermenegildo Gutierrez
06:57 04 Jun 19
Both doctors, father and son (Dr. Leroy and Dr. Derek), are the best of the best. I have been to different dentists due to change on my insurance coverage, but i keep coming back to Carson and Carson (even if it means paying out of pocket,) because they take care of the issues others can not or are not willing to. To be honest, their fees are actually low and their work far superior compared to other dentists. Furthermore, the staff is truly amazing, friendly, knowledgeable, professional. I am in good hands, my family's hands.
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