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Orthodontics – Braces & Invisalign

Having a beautiful smile is our #1 priority for our patients when it comes to braces and orthodontics. Your smile is often the first thing someone remembers and having misaligned or crooked teeth can negatively impact both your health and image.

What Misaligned Teeth Can Cause

  • Gum Disease
  • Chronic Jaw, Back, or Neck pain
  • Prevent proper tooth function
  • Speech being affected
  • Tooth Decay/Loss
  • A less attractive smile
  • Various Dental Emergencies

With over 45 years of experience serving Oxnard, our orthodontics team is committed to solving issues such as: Missing teeth, Cross Bites, Impacted/blocked teeth, Malocclusion, Crowding/Spacing issues, Pediatric issues. At Carson & Carson DDS, we offer the finest grade dental materials and services in Ventura County! Visit us at Carson & Carson, DDS, the Oxnard dentist that you can rely on during a dental emergency.

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Smile with braces

Braces are the go-to option for fixing a variety of Orthodontic problems. The tightness of the wire is adjusted every 4-6 weeks to gradually increase the effect of the braces and the pressure caused by the increasing tightness is what pushes teeth around.

What you should Expect when getting braces:

The process of installing braces begins with the attachment of metal brackets to the front or back of your teeth, connection of the brackets via metal wire, and attachment of the wire to the brackets via elastic rubber bands. Keep in mind, it is important to have teeth that are clean before the installation of braces because it is much more difficult to cement braces to dirty teeth. After installation or an adjustment, braces can be mildly discomforting as they exert pressure on your teeth to change the spacing/orientation of these teeth, but the sensitivity should only last a few days at most. The average time you may have braces is between 1.5 – 3 years, but the expected timeline is case specific based on your personal diagnosis.

Invisalign braces

Alternatively, we also offer Ceramic Braces which are functionally identical to traditional braces, but clear colored so they’re less noticeable. Our third available option for treatment is the Invisalign Clear Aligner which is a custom-made mouth piece that straightens teeth whilst being almost invisible. The Aligner is the potentially quickest and least intrusive option and as it is only a mouth piece rather than a full braces installation, but the cost is significantly higher.


Common Orthodontic Cases That We Treat:

Missing Teeth: Missing permanent teeth is a critical issue to deal with because teeth tend to do drift into the empty spaces left by missing teeth. Braces are a potential solution that can correct the clefts left in between your teeth.

Cross Bites: When the jaw is misaligned to the left or the right this creates what is called a Cross Bite. A Cross Bite is a lateral, or side to side, misalignment of the teeth.

Impacted/Blocked Out Teeth: Teeth that get blocked from erupting out of the gums. These teeth can create bad breath or taste, pain when chewing or opening mouth, and cause painful swelling in the gums.

Crowding: There is not enough room within the jaws to fit all teeth normally, but braces help in creating the necessary space for growing teeth.

Spacing: Excessive space in between teeth causing gaps. Braces are an ideal solution to correcting the large spaces in left in between teeth.

Malocclusion: The improper alignment of teeth. Detrimental if not corrected, but easily remedied with braces.

Pediatric Dentistry: Our team is also fully qualified to provide the best quality dental care for children.


Braces – An Affordable Option for a Perfect Smile

The dental practice of Carson & Carson are the most experienced and capable orthodontic dentists in Ventura County. If you are suffering from teeth misalignment or general dental discomfort, make an appointment at our Oxnard office today at (805) 983-0717


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