The Difference Between Veneers and Lumineers

Side by side graphical comparison of the installation of veneers and lumineers. Affordable dental care at Carson & Carson, DDS in Oxnard, California.Lumineers are a thinner, functionally similar version of veneers that were designed to be applied in an easier and painless manner. A sturdy alternative to veneers, lumineers are less thick and require much less or none of the healthy tissue of the host tooth to be ground away before installation. They come in variations as thin as .2 mm thick and can be translucent as to allow the natural color of enamel to show. Unlike veneers, lumineers can be removed as they are typically placed over natural teeth rather than replacing the tissue from them.

Not every dentist is trained in providing the benefits that lumineers can offer, but at Carson & Carson, DDS, we are certified lumineer dentists and offer them as an option to our patients instead of veneers. Schedule an appointment with Carson & Carson, DDS today for an affordable, and resilient set of lumineers that can completely renew the confidence in your smile in just 2 visits to our offices (805) 983-717.

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Cost Of Lumineers

Veneers and lumineers are considered an elective cosmetic procedure and the costs are usually not covered by dental insurance. Traditional veneers cost between $600 to $1800 per tooth whereas lumineers carry a higher premium and cost between $800 and $2000 per tooth covered. The range in cost mainly come from the different materials which the lumineers are made from which typically include a resin composite or porcelain material. We use the finest quality dental materials and offer our services at affordable prices at Carson & Carson, DDS. Learn more about the cost of veneers on our website or call today to schedule an appointment that will change your life – (805) 983-717.

Uses & Benefits of Lumineers

An investment in a set of lumineers bring a lifetime of benefits to your health and improve the aesthetic of your teeth. Lumineers are a perfect solution for quickly solving many dental issues such as being able to:Lumineers before and after at Carson & Carson, DDS in Oxnard, California.Lumineers before and after. Affordable lumineers at Carson & Carson, DDS in Oxnard, California.

  • Straigthen misaligned or crooked teeth without the need for traditional orthodontics.
  • Lengthen or reconstruct small or abnormally shaped teeth.
  • Reduce spaces or gaps between teeth.
  • Painlessly fix/restore broken or chipped teeth.
  • Improve the aesthetic of old crowns and bridges with a shiny, brand new looking smile provided by lumineers.

Although lumineers may come at a cost, this revolutionary treatment option allows you to restore your teeth to a perfect shape, size, and color and restore your confidence in your smile in record time. Get the teeth you’ve always wanted today at Carson & Carson, DDS with a set of affordable lumineers that will transform your look (805) 983-717.

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Revive Your Smile in Just 2 Dental Visits

Your first visit will be a an initial consultation where we will map the layout of your upper and lower teeth using high quality 3-d images. If your teeth need any smoothing out or adjustments made before the installation of veneers, this is the visit where that would be done. Your dental records and images are then sent to our authorized lumineer laboratory, and in just a few days, they return a well constructed, shiny set of porcelain or resin composite lumineers ready to reconstruct your smile.

Your second visit to our office will typically occur about a week or two later and will involve the placement of the lumineers upon your teeth. In preparation for bonding of the lumineers, we ensure that they are a perfect fit for every tooth. Once this is done, your teeth are ready for rough etching and bonding of the lumineers to each tooth. Once bonded to each tooth, the lumineers are inspected to ensure that the spacing and contact between your teeth can function optimally. That’s it! In just two painless visits to the dentist, your smile can achieve a straight and pearly white look that can restore your confidence while improving the function and health of your teeth.

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