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IV / IM Sedation Dentist

Have a fear of going to the dentist? Many patients get anxious and are fearful of the dental chair. This is why we offer IV Sedation and IM Sedation for our patients at Carson & Carson DDS. It is a pain free dental visit you won’t even remember! You can be relaxed and comfortable when receiving your dental care. IV sedation is one of the most effective techniques to relieve dental anxiety for patients. IV sedation is administered intravenously and IM sedation is administered intramuscular with a shot into the muscle. Dr. LeRoy Carson and Dr. Derek Carson are both certified by the State of California Board of Dental Examiners. Dr. Leroy Carson is also a conscious sedation examiner, so you can be assured you are in the best care.

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Sedation Dentist

When the dental care is complete, the IV and IM medication will wear off, and the patient will become more alert over time. This is monitored by the sedation dentist and qualified dental staff. All localized anesthesia and shots are always completed when the patient is sedated.

To be sedated in my Oxnard dental practice, the patients or their parents, if a minor, must fill out a detailed health questioner and form. The patient has their blood pressure and pulse rate checked and recorded before, during, and after treatment.

This is a typical IV/IM sedation setup in the Oxnard dental office.

This is Dr. LeRoy K. Carson’s IV sedation license. Dr. Derek Carson also has an IV sedation license as well. Both sedation dentists are licensed and experienced.

This is Dr. LeRoy K. Carson’s appointment as an IV sedation evaluator for the State of California. Every IV dentist is required to be evaluated every five years in office.

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