Dental Implant Case Studies

Here are a few more of the dental implant cases we have handled throughout our 45 years as an Oxnard dentist.

Dental Implant Case Study 2

Elederly woman having 4 implants inserted into bottom row

This lady lived her whole life with dentures and was in misery. She received four dental implants on her lower jaw. These dental implants were surgically placed 8 years ago and still worked to this day.

Before & after 2 years later of dental implants

She, after four months now, had her existing lower denture modified to clip on to the dental implant system for stabilization. See how her low lip is supported. Now she was comfortable and out of floating lower denture misery.

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Dental Implant Case Study 3

Foundation for implants set in gums for 2 front teeth

This case involved extracting two failed root canal treated teeth. See the fractured root on the top X-ray. He was put to sleep and received pure oxygen during treatment. You can see the dental implants on the X-ray and in the mouth. The patient wore a healing flipper for four months.

pictures of copleted implants for 2 front teeth

This is what dental implants can look like. After four months, I placed the cores and prepared the teeth for crowning.

Dental implants for front teeth

In these photos, the porcelain jackets are now cemented onto the two implants. The case has been completed successfully.

Average cost of Dental Implants

Check out our page about the average cost of a dental implant at Carson & Carson, DDS.

Dental Implant Case Study 4

Preparation of gums for installation of dental implants

This patient lost his teeth due to periodontal gum disease. He required three dental implants. He was put to sleep with iv sedation for the surgery.

Dental implant treatment from start to finish

After four months, the dental implants received their core abutments and crowns are fabricated.

Effects of dental implants

The crowns are cemented. Case completed. You can’t tell he has dental implants and crowns. Restored smile and a restored bite.

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