Dental Implants

An Affordable Option For Restoration

Dental implant before & afterIn the past, patients could only choose between a partial denture or a dental bridge to restore the function and aesthetic of a missing tooth, but the last 30 years of dental treatments have shown that dental implants are an easier-to-install alternative that offers a better quality of life in a more affordable solution.

A dental implant is a direct replacement for the root of a tooth and is used to hold an artificial tooth or bridge that looks and feels like a real tooth. Dental implants are a good option for candidates that don’t want a bridge or partial denture, but have suffered from tooth loss from periodontal disease, failed root canal, or have had their tooth knocked out.

Dental Implant Procedure

4 Steps to getting a dental implant.

During the implant procedure, the original tooth is first removed. Then, a titanium screw is surgically mounted to the bone where the tooth previously stood. After the gum has healed properly, a post is attached to the screw & the implant is prepared for the crown to be mounted onto it. To wrap up the process, a porcelain crown is then attached to the titanium dental implant and the end result is a natural-looking, artificial tooth that maintains the look of your smile and the normal function of your bite.

Watch Dr. Derek Carson complete the second half of the procedure in the video below. View in 1080p for the best video quality.

Advantages of A Dental Implant

The significant advantage of getting a dental implant is that it provides a more comfortable feeling of chewing food as it is the functionally closest thing to a real tooth. The success rate of dental implant treatments is very high and it is becoming a popular procedure for many patients needing replacement teeth as it is not too expensive. Learn more about the average cost of a dental implant.

Natural Tooth VS Dental Implant graphic.Compared to dentures, an implant allows you to keep your teeth in your mouth, rather than in a cup. As well as feeling more natural, dental implants allow you to speak easily and normally. Unlike dentures, a dental implant never has to be removed when eating or fixed when speaking. Implants cause less damage to other teeth when compared to dentures because they are not sliding around in your mouth or brushing against your teeth or gums constantly.

When a tooth is removed from your mouth, the jaw bone can deteriorate because it is no longer actively supporting the bone of a tooth. By fusing with your jawbone, dental implants are the only restorative treatment that preserves and stimulate the natural bone of your jaw. Implants are so similar to the look and functionality of a natural tooth, that even your jaw believes it’s a real tooth.

More predictable than other restoration treatments, dental implants with crowns are less vulnerable to cavities or tooth decay. Although they do have to be cleaned just like any other tooth, implants are practically invulnerable to the damage that plaque and tartar can cause to normal teeth, meaning they can literally last a century when taken care of properly.

Carson & Carson, DDS was the first Oxnard dental practice to provide our patients with our own dental CT scan. This allowed us to offer great dental care at lower costs with less extra travel time and waiting for results. Our state of the art dental CT scans allows for more accurate planning and safe placement of dental implants without causing any unnecessary trauma or complications during the procedure.

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Types of Dental Implants

Dental implants are divided into two main categories: Endosteal Implants & Subperiosteal Implants. The main difference is whether or not the implant is placed into the jawbone or not.

Endosteal Implants: This type of dental implant is placed directly into the jawbone typically through oral surgery. After the implant is placed, the tissue surrounding the site is given time to heal, and a second surgery is needed months later to complete the placement of the post into the implant itself which then can have a crown or bridge placed over it. Endosteal are commonly used dental implants that are often made of titanium material.

Subperiosteal Implants: This type of implant is placed above or onto the jawbone without entering the bone itself. After it is placed, the patient is given time to let the surrounding tissue heal and allow the implant to settle onto the jawbone. Different from Endosteal implants, Subperiosteal implants have posts that protrude through the top of the gum which allows a crown or bridge to be placed over them.

There are also Mini Dental Implants which can be more affordable and have less healing time.

Same-Day Dental Implants Available

At Carson & Carson, we offer our patients the option of setting up an appointment for a same-day dental implant. The main drawbacks to getting a same-day implant is that they are higher risk & higher cost. Getting an implant is a serious dental procedure that often takes months of healing before the end result can be achieved with the placement of a crown or bridge over the implant itself. Having an implant & crown installed in a single day increases the risk that you will lose the implant & crown as a whole.

If a same-day implant is something you are in need of, you can get brand new-looking teeth in just one trip to our office with no temporaries, no second injection, and no need for a second visit for a while.

Dental Implants Before and After

Dental implant and bridge before & after.

View more of our dental implant case studies from over the years.

50 Years of Experience in Implant Dentistry – Carson & Carson, DDS

In order to be a candidate for a successful implant placement you need: the correct amount of bone, good oral hygiene habits, and to refrain from smoking. Request an appointment today at the Oxnard dental office with over 45 years of experience – Carson & Carson, DDS (805) 983-0717. You can find more detailed information about the average cost of dental implants here. Find an implant dentist near me.

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