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Dental Implants

An affordable, alternative option to a bridge or a removable partial denture

In the past, patients only could chose between a partial denture or a dental bridge to restore missing teeth. Over 30 years of dental research, dental implants have proven to be the best long term treatment for missing teeth if done early enough.

A dental implant is a direct replacement for a root of a tooth and is used to hold an artificial tooth or bridge that looks very real in person. Dental implants are a good option for candidates that don’t want a bridge or partial denture from tooth loss by periodontal disease, failed root canal, dead tooth, or accidentally knocked their teeth out.

The main advantages are significant improvement of chewing food and feeling comfortable because they feel like your own real teeth. The success rate of dental implants is very high and is becoming a popular procedure for many patients needing replacement teeth.

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Dental Implant Case #1

This patient had a pre-existing long span bridge where the last molar failed and the bridge had to be cut. Only the front two abutment crowns were left. Three implants were placed, replacing his bicuspid and two molars. After four months of implant osseo- integration, the case is crowned. See the next photos below for the crowns.

This is the case after it has been restored. The three implants are now integrated after four months. Then they are now crowned. The crowns on the implants look better than the real teeth with crowns.

Dental Implant Case #2

This lady lived her whole life with dentures and was in misery. She received four implants on the lower. They were surgically placed 8 years ago. they still work today.

She, after four months now, had her existing lower denture modified to clip on to the implant system for stabilization. See how her low lip is supported. Now she was comfortable and out of floating lower denture misery.

Dental Implant Case #3

This case involved extracting two failed root canal treated teeth. See the fractured root on the right X-ray. He was put to sleep and received pure oxygen during treatment. You can see the implants on the X-ray and in the mouth. The patient wore a healing flipper for four months.

This is what implants look like. After four months, I place the cores and prepare the teeth for crowning. The temporary crowns look good.

The porcelain jackets are now cemented on the two implants. The case is now completed.

Dental Implant Case #4

This patient lost his teeth due to periodontal gum disease. He required three implants. He was put to sleep with iv sedation for the surgery.

After four months, the implants received their core abutments and crowns are fabricated.

The crowns are cemented. Case completed. You can’t tell he has implants and crowns. Restored smile and a restored bite.

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Dental Implant Procedure

Carson & Carson, DDS. was the first Oxnard dental practice to provide our patients with our own dental CT scan. This keeps the costs much lower so you don’t have to deal with extra travel time as well as a long waiting period for results. The dental CT scan allows for accurate and safe placement of dental implants without causing unnecessary trauma or complications.

All our patients are evaluated with a dental 3-D CT scan which allows us to see if any complications can arise.

During the dental implant procedure, a titanium screw is surgically mounted to the bone of your previous tooth root. A porcelain crown is then attached to the titanium implant and looks as real as the other teeth in your mouth.

In order to be a candidate for successful implant placement you need the correct amount of bone, good oral hygiene, and refrain from smoking. Request an appointment today to get evaluated for a dental implant.

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