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Bonding & Contouring

Reshaping Teeth Through Bonding And Contouring

Happy with their bonding & contouring treatment from Carson & Carson, DDS in Oxnard, California.

If you have chipped, jagged, or poorly aligned teeth then a bonding or contouring treatment might be the solution to restore the glow to your smile. Bonding mainly adds to teeth or changes their color. Contouring mainly reduces the outer layer of teeth to improve the texture or smoothness, or even to reduce the overall length of a tooth. Both treatment options are highly cost-effective in restoring the proper shape, length, size, and coloration of your teeth.

Bonding & Contouring are primarily used to:

  • Lengthen teeth that are too short.
  • Shorten teeth that are too long.
  • Smooth out jagged edges along teeth.
  • Fill in Chips or cracks in teeth.
  • Fix discoloration. Some stains may be unresponsive to teeth whitening treatments, but may be fixed through bonding and contouring of the tooth.
  • Fill in small gaps in between teeth.
  • Realign teeth that are slightly crooked or misaligned.

In the 45 years that we have served in Ventura County, we have corrected thousands of dental issues with an affordable bonding or contouring treatment. Call today to schedule an appointment with the best dentists in Oxnard or Camarillo – Carson & Carson, DDS (805) 983-0717.


Chipped tooth before bonding treatment. Carson & Carson, DDS in Oxnard, California. Chipped tooth after bonding treatment. Carson & Carson, DDS in Oxnard, California.

Bonding is the reshaping of a tooth through the application of a tooth colored composite resin and a bonding agent. It is often used to reconstruct lost tooth structure or to smooth out the uneven surfaces of teeth. This treatment is perfect for concealing small chips, cracks, or severe stains in teeth.

The process of bonding begins with the slight grinding down of tooth enamel to facilitate the placement of bonding agent and composite resin. Once the materials are placed, the shape of the tooth can be sculpted and the natural tooth color can be refined as needed. Afterward, the extra material can be removed from the new tooth and it will be polished to finish the procedure. The cost, time taken, and pain-free nature of a bonding treatment make it an excellent choice in treating many common dental issues.


Tooth discoloration before and after contouring treatment. Carson & Carson, DDS in Oxnard, California.Contouring reshapes teeth by using a laser or drill to grind away at the enamel layer (outermost layer) to smooth out a the shape of a tooth’s structure. This treatment is often used to shorten teeth that are too long or too sharp, smooth jagged edges, or to improve a tooth’s surface texture.

In Contouring, we make modifications to a tooth using a drill or a laser to provide precise cosmetic results. The key in this procedure is to grind away as little as possible; to maintain the most amount of healthy tooth tissue while restoring the functionality and aesthetic of the tooth to normal.

After Contouring or Bonding

For the first few days after contouring or bonding, your teeth may feel a bit strange and it might take awhile to get used to the new shape of your teeth after these treatments. To maintain the new look and feel of your teeth, you should avoid smoking or eating foods that will stain the color of your teeth again such as coffee or red wine. With good oral hygiene, a bonding or contouring treatment could last up to 10 years before another treatment is needed.

Cost of Bonding and Contouring

The average cost of Bonding is between $100-$500 per tooth while Contouring costs between $50-$400 per tooth on average depending on how much work is needed. Both are cheaper than getting crowns, veneers, dentures, or implants of which many treat the same issues. Since contouring and bonding are considered elective cosmetic treatments in most cases, the cost is usually not covered by dental insurance.

Over 45 Years of Experience in Cosmetic Dentistry – Carson & Carson, DDS

Our dentists are specialists in cosmetic dentistry with over 60 combined years of experience. Since 1970, we have provided affordable dental care to the citizens of Oxnard and Ventura County and we are proud to be able to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people every year. Call us today for a pain-free dental experience from an Oxnard dentist that you can trust with your smile (805) 983-0717. 24/7 emergency dental treatment is available.


Lamont Yvon
Lamont Yvon
22:50 15 Mar 18
I have had a lot of procedures including 8 implants. There is no better dentist office than Carson and Carson. Dr. Derek Carson (the son of Dr. Leroy Carson) is FANTASTIC! He has learned well from his father (who still works there). Papa is the MAN!, and has been for years. Insane amount of knowledge. The Doctors are THE BEST! The support staff is fun and professional always. I will never go anywhere else.
Casandra Sorenson
Casandra Sorenson
23:05 08 May 18
A dentist that truly understands how much the whole dental trip petrifies me - and helps me overcome it. For the first time, and certainly not the last, he used nitros oxide and I can honestly say I can look at future visits without abject terror. No more waiting until the tooth needs pulled! I may even get my teeth cleaned.
Laura Lassiter
Laura Lassiter
18:32 15 Mar 18
The BEST dental office in Ventura County!! Super friendly staff, easy to schedule appts, no issues with insurance processing, and Dr. Carson makes sure you are always comfortable and pain-free when getting any work done. I've been a patient for over 7 years now and I couldn't be happier! I highly recommend!
Ivon valdez
Ivon valdez
18:13 18 Mar 18
Great office...great dentist ....great staff...very kind and helpful .....
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia
15:26 27 Jan 18
Fun, friendly staff, that makes you feel comfortable immediately and accommodating...excellent work, i highly recommend'em.
Max Patrick
Max Patrick
19:31 19 Feb 19
This dental office is beyond professional. A landmark of our city, to say the least. Dr. Carson has been serving our community for quite some time, with true care and concern for his patients. If you want a true dental experience, then I would highly advise you to make an appointment with them 🙂
Lucia Vieira
Lucia Vieira
15:18 16 Mar 17
Dr. Derek, you have a hand and a heart of gold. That spirit of help that you have is praiseworthy. I'm amazed at all the treatment you've done and I feel no pain after, not even the pain of the anesthesia sting, I say with propriety because I am very sensitive to pain. Congratulations on your work that loves what you do so you have been successful, not counting on your last generation machine that I do not know how to explain. Much gratitude, you're the best.
Keila Carson
Keila Carson
04:44 24 Apr 19
Today I had a procedure wisdoms teeth extracted with Dr Derek Carson. All staff it was the kindest people ever they stayed room and for the all time asking how I was feeling. The Dr was absolutely amazing! I had several shots and no leave one I feel it and about the extraction when I was thinking he will start it he ready did the extraction out me feeling any pain absolutely any discomfort. I had rest of my day as a normal day and not swallowing.I really want to thank you Dr Derek Carson to be an amazing Dentist so gentle and very professional with absolutely confidentiality.I highly recommended this office if you need to visit just for your regular cleaning or any procedure. Thank you very much!
Yazmine Givens
Yazmine Givens
23:15 14 May 19
All of the ladies that work here are extremely nice, and they show that they care. The orthodontist is amazing, and helped along the way of my road w/ braces.
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