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Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges

A dental crown and dental bridge is an area seen above the gums. Usually, when a dental crown is needed, the natural crown on your tooth has been chipped, fractured, broken, or even in some cases a large silver filling has broken off. Sometimes root canal therapy is necessary. Most crowns are made of either solid porcelain, which is a metal (preferably a palladium gold alloy) shell and porcelain baked on top, or a totally metal shell. This usually takes two appointments to do, but can vary depending on how difficult each case is. Due to having our own dental lab technician on the premises, rush cases can be done. All cases, before cementation, have to meet the patient’s approval on their cosmetic beauty and attractiveness on their smile. I hope you enjoy the dental information on crown and bridges.

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This case is a typical porcelain fused to high noble metal coping restoration. By this patient being very young, the cosmetic result changed this man’s social life. His aunt and uncle paid for the dental work as a gift; a gift resulting in a new relationship in his life.

We did this cantilever bridge about two and a half decades ago. He was my lab technician’s best friend back then.

We did this case recently, which required a great deal of colorization.

This case was done about twenty five years ago. The patient was lucky to get out of a gang assault with his life. We had to reconstruct both upper and lower anterior (front) teeth with porcelain fuse to metal crowns and root canals. His children should be about the same age now as he was then.

This case is about sixteen years old. He was missing every other upper tooth. We did a very difficult continuous whole arch bridge. It is very difficult to get a casting that size to fit perfect. As you can see, it took two tries. John out lived his only wife, who succumbed to Alzheimer’s disease. John was taken by lymphoma, a cancer, about eight years ago. He appreciated what I did for his cosmetic appearance in his final years of life.

This lady is a success story by any measure. This dental work was a result of an accident earlier in life where her teeth were knocked out. She had worn a removable partial for over ten years. I made a fixed half arch bridge. She owns her own retail parts business. A lost out of town person came into her business for directions; after receiving directions he complemented how beautiful her teeth were. This lost dentist paid me the highest complement possible. She replied,” thank you but they are not mine, they were made by Doctor Carson. ” I wish I could have been there to catch his surprise.

This case was a fixed bridge on the upper left and two porcelain veneers on the central incisors. He was married to one of my dental assistance’s best friend.

This patient returned to me last week after thirteen years, and several other dentist. His bridge looks better than his own teeth after a decade. A perfect example of a fixed bridge.

This rocket and electrical engineer now lives in Texas. He designs electric motors. With his new lower bridge, I changed his appearance enough to change his cosmetic social acceptance.

This case will show why you never want to do one central incisor porcelain crown. The real teeth wear down, grow stained, and dark while the porcelain jacket or cap or crown never does. Thus, the crown is longer and whiter after five years than the adjacent central incisor. This lady has tried another dentist and returned.

Both molars had root canals and posts placed. PFM crowns were then fabricated and cemented. This lady was one of the many people that lost their job with the closing of Abex in the late 80s.

Today, dental inlays are the rage in aesthetic dentistry offices. I did this case 20 years ago. Insurance companies don’t want to pay for porcelain dental inlays and porcelain onlays. Dental inlays occupy the position between fillings and full porcelain crowns.

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