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Adult Dentistry

Adult DentistryThe difference between pediatric dentistry and adult dentistry is adult teeth are the only set of teeth you get and it is our job to provide top notch services to keep those teeth healthy, comfortable, and long lasting. We have many cases to show you on how devastating it is to avoid seeing your dentist. Our reviews page showcases some of the remarkable results of satisfied patients that love to smile today! Visit the Oxnard dentists that have been brightening smiles for over 45 years – Carson & Carson, DDS.

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Adult Dentistry Topics

Below is a list of adult dentistry categories to choose from.

  • Tooth Bleaching is a great way to get rid of those pigmentation stains off of your teeth that has accrued over time by either drinking coffee or other highly susceptible substance to stain teeth.
  • Attrition is caused by erosion and aging. This is accelerated by unneccesary teeth grinding, finger nail biting, and acidic diets.
  • Preventative Dentistry is prevention in tooth decay. Sealants and fluoride are a good preventative measure.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry ranging from veneers to PFM crowns.
  • Bridges are false teeth designed to replace your missing teeth by using two good teeth next to the missing tooth gap.
  • Fixed Bridges are designed to replace missing teeth and can replace up to 4 teeth.
  • Crowns are used to replace the natural crown on a tooth that has chipped or broken away .
  • Dental Implants look and feel like a real tooth and is an alternate from a bridge.
  • Endodonics is also known as root canal treatment.
  • Oral Surgery consists of tooth extractions, surgical corrections, and tumor removal.
  • IV and IM Sedation is a true painless dentist experience where you won’t remember anything! Sleep sedation dentistry!
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